part-time, flexible, community-driven learning

Back-End Web Development

If you're a builder who wants to get technical with programming, Back-End is for you. We'll guide you through basic programming techniques, languages and tools, while exposing you to industry best practices.

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Front-End Web Development

If you have an eye for design and want to create a better user experiences on the web, Front-End is for you. You'll begin with the basics, starting off with HTML, CSS, and the industry standard in version control, Github. Soon after, you'll discuss responsive design and CSS3, understanding how they can take your designs further. Finally, you'll learn the basics of JQuery, giving you the ability to create your own interesting and dynamic online portfolio. By the end of RampUp, you will understand how to take your design ideas and implement them on the web.

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Why RampUp?

Learn from the best.
It's difficult to learn by yourself. That’s why we provide a community! RampUp combines Teaching Mentors (TMs) from around the tech community, online resources, and in-person meetings with your cohort to create a personalized learning network. You'll work together to complete assignments and projects, always checking code in Github. Should you run into trouble, experienced developers are ready to help you overcome any obstacle.

Set your own schedule.
We know you have a busy schedule. In-person community hours are held once a week in the evenings. There, some of the cities’ best developers, including Startup Institute alums, help answer your questions and introduce you to new material. You'll take what you learned during community hours and spend the week applying it to your project. You set the days and times that work best with your schedule.

Build a portfolio.
Adding new technical skills to your repertoire is exciting. As you build a portfolio with RampUp projects, we'll also teach you how to create your own brand and manage your online presence.